Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Pencils For Marvel

I had wanted to go to Wondercon on Friday and present my portfolio at the Marvel program, but I didn't get the chance family obligations took precedence. So, on Saturday, I went to Wonder-Con without an agenda, just going to connect with a few friends and see some distant ones. I had my portfolio full of pages from my Xeric Grant project and some pages that I have never submitted to Marvel. I always carrying my portfolio, I saw a familiar face. Couldn't quite place it, but he was talking to CB Cebulski, my supervision allowing me to read his badge at a distance. I waited politely until they finished their conversation, then asked about the program, he allowed that I had missed it, but that he would take my copies -- I was totally excited that I was allowed to submit anyway. I visited with my fried Tomm Coker -- new book out Undying Love -- buy it read it. I also spoke with Erik Larsen and he made some suggestions and I followed his advice.

I arrived late to WonderCon Sunday, so if Marvel wanted to see my portfolio, they couldn't. But I ran into CB Cebulski and Axel Alonso (Marvel EIC) and gave them the fresh copies of pages I had never submitted to Marvel. CB stepped into the booth and gave me his email address and the email address of the submissions editor. I emailed an introductory letter. The submissions editor gave me, someone else's email and we've been in communication ever since! It's been great so far and I look forward to showing them what I am capable of. These are the layouts at comicbook size, I will shoot them up to 15 by10 and do finished pencils.