Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ghost Rider

 This is me just drawing.  Ghost Rider, my design.  There are things I would do different, hindsight being 20/20, but there are things I like.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Random Fandom

This is a random selection of incomplete tryout pages that I have completed-- oxymoron I know.  The pages were mostly complete, but the whole tryout was incomplete.  I have dozens of these sad to say.  I was getting my practice as an artist, but no one was seeing, because I would lose interest or something else would come up or any number of life interruptions would take me away, and it might be weeks or months, since I worked on the pages and I would have grown as an artist since then.  I know these seem like very different styles, and to a certain extent they are, but they are something that I can easily create. In the Aquaman piece I am exploring the old fashioned adventure style, I do that one rather well, but I think editors aren't interested in that style.  Everything else is done in variations of the American manga style.  The problem of course, is I didn't finish the sets of pages and editors did not see them.  The Green Lantern Piece was one of many that I did about the character.  I enjoy the second tier characters, and sometimes I am attracted to the lower tier characters, sometimes they have more visual hooks to them.  Green Lantern, of course, is all visual.  The Witchblade Magdelena Darkness script "Heart of Darkness" was difficult because I've never read the books!  I've never gotten into the lusting for comicbook characters thing, and "good girl" art never really stuck on my radar.  I was too busy chasing the real thing!  So the research was extensive, getting covers and examples.  The real problem, to me, is that there is no definitive way of drawing the character, everyone is encouraged to create their own style with very little influence, unless the artist, chooses to follow someone else.  Its like drawing Superman from a vague description, you might get some interesting visions, but you also get some uninteresting and bad visions.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012