Friday, February 7, 2014

My Legion of Superheroes Elseworlds Part Two

I am getting out some of the ideals, that I have had over the years.  This was one such story and I have four versions based on the various versions of the LSH.

Page 5 Panel 1 Glamour Girl: Braniac 5 should have some tool to help us!
Panel 1 Ferro Lad: Mon El, your pole seems off its azimuth is something troubling you?
Panel 1 Sunboy: I feel bright and clear!
Panel 1 Kid Symphony: Lets make sure there are no sustained injuries.
Panel 1 SFX: Zuuun!
Panel 1 Cosmic Boy: Zoid! This magnetic bath soothes aching muscles!
Panel 2 Mon El: My own mortality... I've never had to face it!
Panel 2 Sunboy: See my corona I am Sunboy!
Panel 2 Kid Symphony: Sunboy meet sunEATER. You didn't stand a chance sour note!
Panel 2 SFX: Zuuun!
Panel 3 Brainiac 5: It will stop the suneater, but it has to operated from within the beast! It is a simple combination that must be pressed by hand. I'll transmit the instructions on the telepathic channel so everyone will know.
Panel 4 Mon El: Did you hear it? The invitation to my last dance has been sent! With one button push she is inviting death into this chamber!

Page 6: Panel One- Glamour Girl:My senses detect death for anyone who uses this device. Brainiac 5 why trust that murderous machine Tharok?
Panel Two - Mon El: I've been super so long I forgot the fears that come with being normal...
Panel Three - Mon El: It's humbling to realize how fragile and therefore precious life is.
Panel Four - Glamour Girl: Braniac 5 believes you have the best chance of surviving...
Panel Four - Mon El: I WON'T survive this, but I pray that I accomplish the mission before dying.
Panel Four - SFX: FWASH
Panel Four - Ferro Lad Thought: Mon El is still weak, but I am strong! Iron Strong! I CAN accomplish the mission before dying!

Page7 Panel One: SFX:Kang!
Panel One: Sunboy: Flares!
Panel One: Kid Symphony: Wha?
Panel One: Cosmic Boy: Foul Play!
Panel Two: Caption: Ferro Lad braves the dark void of space on a date with blazing destiny!
Panel Three: Glamour Girl: While the blow was well struck, Ferro Lad has gone on suicide mission!
Panel Three: Sunboy: In Mon El's weakened state Ferro Lad could have killed him!
Panel Three:Cosmic Boy: He was out of bounds! Here Mon El, get up so you can walk it off.
Panel Three: Kid Symphony: Calibrate the scanners so we can find out where Ferro Lad is at!

Page 8: Panel One: Glamour Girl: He's deep inside the suneater! He's stopped flying.
Panel One: Kid Symphony: We should have worked together! Everyone on this team keeps trying to solo, when we need to harmonize!
Panel One: Sunboy: Blazes, he laid a blast on you! Here Mon El, good buddy, I'll help you get your strength back with some yellow sun radiation.
Panel One:Cosmic boy: That was bad play, hitting you when you weren't looking.
Panel Two: SFX: Glkaaaaaaaaarrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh (Same size letters in sinuous line) Carrying over to Panel Three
Panel Three: SFX: (continuation)
Panel Three: Glamour Girl: Kid Symphony, you cry out in grief, is good. But we must help our friend. Perhaps...

Page 9:SFX:GLHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhh...!
Caption 1: The sound carries over the vastness of the nebula that makes up the body of the suneater.
Caption 2: After the attack from the Legionnaires the suneater has changed it's bizarre chemistry! The roiling clouds of nebula gases are super heated to above 2400 degrees F...
Caption 3: ... the magnetic waves are a chaos of complexity...
Caption 4: ... enough red sun radiation to drain any Daxamite, Andromedan, or Kryptonian foolish enough to dare the nebula! A perfect physical defense. However, it underestimated the super-strength of the human heart!
Caption 5: It was Ferro Lad's Iron determination that allowed him to fly into this hellish maelstrom! Super heated and tossed by the magnetic waves, he was almost ejected several times, but he would not quit...
Caption 6: ... exhausted the youth completed his death march. Activated the Boojum, and screamed his pain and frustration into the vast nebula beast!
Caption 7: He passed out. Not hearing the answering scream.

Page 10
Panel One: SFX: Huraghurrrrr
Panel One: Glamour Girl: Cthru's Beard! Kid Symphony has Ferro Lad!
Panel One: Sunboy: With my Sun Powers I can absorb the heat
Panel One: Mon El: With my Invulnerability I can hold Ferro Lad
Panel One: Cosmic Boy: With my magnetism I can hold Ferro lad -- Mon El you're not fully charged!
Panel Two: SFX: rrrrrrrrrrrrrr (same size letters rising and falling in a line)
Panel Two : Glamour Girl: Halt Fools! You would kill Kid Symphony! Ferro lad's superheated body has burned through Kid Symphony's protective suit and is cooking his flesh!
Panel Three: SFX: rrrrrrrrrrrrrr (same size letters rising and falling in a line)
Panel Three: He is putting himself in a trance and singing a stasis field around the parts where Ferro lad is touching him, but he can't put himself in stasis or the song ends!

Page 11
Panel One -- Caption: The swirling cosmic energies of the Boojum absorbed the deadly nimbus of the suneater.
Panel Two -- Caption: The Boojum was stored in a zero g stasis field for safe disposal later.
Panel Three -- The Legion Cruiser took a short Hyper wave jump and landed in clear near Earth lane for a quick landing at the Legion Clubhouse
Panel Four -- Gentleman Genius: You had 18 degree burns on most of your body. Rebuilding your bones, tissue and skin will require at least six days.
Kid Symphony: So Long?!! On Matlell Island I could have it completed in three!
Glamour Girl: Ferrous, you were so brave.
Ferrous: Um, I guess Princess. Just doing what anyone with the power would do.
Ferrous Thought: Think about Baseball, I don't want to go iron... Greatest pitchers of all time...