Monday, July 27, 2009

Begin a blog young man

San Diego Comic Con. I went there with a different agenda this year. I am going to self publish one of my books. It will be a minicomic and I went into small press asking questions about printers and advice. I am not a snob; I still want to work for the big two, because that is where my love of the media began. Therefore, I created a minicomic exclusively for the convention. I will complete a full version minicomic for Sacramento Con -- post pages for the "ashcan" hither and thither on the internet as well as drawings and sketches. In this page Johnny Speed is doing that comicbook cliché creating a tornado around his opponents, which in real world terms would not suck all the air out of their lungs, but cause considerable property damage -- not only to his fiends, but also to his friends. The goddess Nike, the Lavender Lensman, Sea King and Squidy are taking on much damage. "Does that idiot believe everything that he reads in comicbooks?!!"
"Apparently", the Goddess Nike shouts back over the roaring winds.

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