Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Astonishing Xmen 37

When I sent my second completed set of tryouts for I sent this to the Submissions Editor: Here's some pages from Astonishing Xmen 37 featuring the formidable Fin Fang Foom! I consider the FFF the grouchy old man of monsters, the original FFF looked like a grouchy old man and sounded like a grouchy old man -- he just wanted to go back to sleep! I can picture him telling kids to stay off his lawn. I was a photographer for Google and one of the programs that they have is street views of the larger cities of the world one of those cities is Tokyo. So I used images from Shinjuku in Tokyo for the location of the story. The vehicles are the most popular vehicle in Japan, the Suzuki Wagon R. The truck is a Dekatora -- decorated truck, they are covered with lights, perfect for a night scene. guess that's it -- references for anyone that needs them.

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