Thursday, September 8, 2011

Vindicated 1 First Four completed

This is for an after school program through 12 comics and Studio4hire, that rewards kids for good grades by letting them create a comicbook, I came late to the project and am completing the back half pencils. Which is the simple explanation. The complex explanation is that I came to the project after another artist balked at completing it -- the reason was understandable once I read the script. The script was too complex, it required a lot of things happening on every page and in most panels things happening in the foreground and background, and there were a lot of panels per page.

My personal professional opinion was that the script focused more on certain characters to the detriment of other characters. Further, the story was bogged down in producing back story so that there was a very slow set up: introducing characters, whose point is to introduce other characters, who then introduce other characters, who then go into action -- so that your fight scene is reduced to two pages. So I made story suggestions, because it is a donation -- I'm not getting paid nowhere near enough -- for kids. And I think every kid wants to see their character DOING something. I wanted to donate enough pages to give every child what they want, but the problem with working in a studio is that you're also messing with someone else's money, so trying to make do with 10 pages and it still won't come out right. Best I can do.

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