Monday, September 9, 2013


How do you feel about your old art? Are you embarrassed? Ashamed?  Does it hold up over time?  Sometimes I am very impressed with myself -- seeing artwork from decades ago that still shows skill and technique.  Surprised that the artwork is that good.  I know more now and have additional tool sets to work with, but I am still impressed by that young artist.
Originally drawn in 1994, these were samples that were done at size -- as a kid I didn't know that comicbooks were drawn larger than the print version, so I learned to draw in really fine detail.  When they come out with the Marvel Tryout book, that's when I learned that comics were drawn larger.  I can remember it almost like yesterday.  We used to have a comics and comics on the K street Mall here in Sacramento -- K street was an open air mall in downtown. I would occasionally take a break from my studies and take the bus downtown.  They sold old comicbooks, but they used to stamp them with their store address on the first page -- desecraters!  I couldn't afford the Marvel Try out book, but I learned that the art was drawn at the large size -- I remember thinking "What do they do with all that space?"  So this was a return to my roots sort of thing.  Doing artwork at the original training size for me.  Awesome experience!


  1. Neill, since I first saw your stuff from back when, my thought was that you were 'ready' then. It is a real shame your work was not published, at that time, due to the circumstances. Your work from 'back in the day' holds up extremely well.