Thursday, April 1, 2010

Marvel Adventures Spiderman 44

Adventures of the Phantom Backpack: While using the Phantom Backpack I have powers that are beyond belief. Among my powers: my hands and feet are as adhesive as every piece of gum stuck under all the school desks in the US, I can fire spit balls and every broken shoe string from my wrists, I possess the strength and agility of every geeky freshman shoved in a locker...

While patrolling the city I notice one of the Iguana men running through the city -- following it to one of the water processing plants on the edge of the city. For some reason Super villains routinely raid the water works of cities, every superhero will tell you randomly visiting the water works of any city you will meet a super villain. There was the time that the Fists of the Golden Flower and the Venomous Horde raided the water works of Apple City on the same night, Dragara and the Fatal Fury made short work of them. I would think the hazard pay for water works' employees is commensurate to police officers. Water works buildings aren't really very interesting, though...

Or this is from the script for MA Spiderman 44

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