Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Black Panther Layouts

I believe that layouts are such a valuable resource, sometimes even more so than finished pencils. Layouts rarely make it to the finished stage unaltered, sometimes things are moved to accommodate the needs of storytelling, an image is unclear in its message, the angle is wrong or a better solution presents itself through the process. So I will post some layouts as well as finished pencils.

As a creator I rarely write tryout stories of a few pages, they usually are a full 22 pages. I've heard the Black Panther called the African Captain America, so I wanted to explore that -- what makes them similar and what makes them different? This takes place during the Christopher Priest run after it was revealed that the Black Panther may have joined the Avengers under false pretenses. Captain America journey's to Wakanda to connect with T'Challa. I felt as a trained military mind Cap would have a better understanding of why the Black Panther (leader of a country, as opposed to T'Challa a person), would find it necessary to do such a thing. I think the repercussions could have been explored more. Each member of the Avengers that served with The Black Panther coming to terms with his actions.

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