Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I sold some originals at Free Comic Book Day -- and I intend to go to shows and sell original art pages in the future. If you read the other blogs on here I posted some Hulk samples that I did for Marvel a couple years before.  I hadn't been completing pages in years, so this was a first for me.  I started working on completing pages -- I was given several scripts and I eventually completed all of them. An artist without good scripts resorts to all measures -- I completed a couple of my horribly written sample scripts from back in the day.  

I also redid the pages. So here is Hulk again.

I took the pages to San Diego Comic Convention 2013.  Some Editors liked the pages, but then there were those Editors who never heard the rules of kindness from their mother "If you can't say something nice say nothing at all."

The Editor was "In these drawings the Hulk is all distorted." And I'm like, "Yeah, he's the Hulk." "Well you've got to learn to draw the human figure, before you distort it."  I had sixty pages of artwork, that showed human, and distorted human drawings, but he was looking for something to make a negative critique about.  Those old Hulk pages were the ones I sold at Free Comic book day 2013 -- in Fairfield Ca at Water Front Comics.  I used Derrick Rose the basketball player as a model and they recognized him -- big fan from Detroit. Bought the pages -- maybe I should use actors and famous people in all my art -- make it more salable.  

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