Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Indestructible Hiulk 17 -- When artists run out of scripts

There might be some missing samples chronologically.  The Hulk that I posted last month was drawn six months before this current Hulk sample.

The Indescribable Hulk.

Hulk as a Shield agent.

Sort of fun, but I felt there was more Hulk material available to explore his character, some hard science questions about the Hulk and some such.

 Anyway, I went old school and found a recently published book Hulk 17 and drew pages in my style.  I did some things I was happy with and some things I am not so proud of.  The balance between a dynamic artist and  story artist was fought on these pages.  The nonsequitur pages were alright, but the question of whether to make Hulk in Attilan a  focus panel on page three was a struggle in dynamism.  I look at it now and know I would have gone in the dynamic direction if I did it again.  I've been readings some new books on comic book storytelling and they recommended redrawing a script multiple times until you get it right -- which I find rather intriguing.   Perfecting a script after multiple tries does not guarantee when you get a new script you will be able to perfect it on one try -- which is what a comic book assignment will be, but I am wiling to do it to learn new techniques.

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