Sunday, May 11, 2014

Birds of Prey

I am working to strengthen my textures and show my design capabilities. In the Birds of Prey samples I tightened the design on the Basilisk’s Battle Staff and cleaned up his design a little; in the fight sequence she’s doing Caporeira and White Crane Kung Fu.

The head gear was very difficult for me to understand – so I made it into Classic Japanese dragon with the deer antlers and a couple fangs.  Very busy! If I were allowed a total redesign I’d clean him up quite a bit.  The staff was a vague z shape in the Birds of Prey story, so I had to research and see what the original designer’s intent was for that object.  After researching I assumed it was a basilisk on a stick.  A Classical Basilisk is a rooster head  on a snake body with 3 pairs of rooster legs – in my case I used chameleon legs – because I like the feet.  As for the characters I made him seven feet tall -- why genetically engineer an average joe? And I made canary 5’6”.


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